Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Guess We Can?"

I've avoided political ramblings on my blog thus far, but I had to comment on McCain's speech. It was AWFUL!!! My gosh, what a horrible public speaker. I was fighting back the yawns. Oh well, I guess it's okay since she'll only be First Lady.

What? Did you think I was talking about Future President John McCain? Haha! Gotcha!

What I would say about John McCain is that he is a patriot, and we need him as the next US President. His stories of his time in Vietnam moved me to tears. And these were different tears than the ones Obama induces.

After last night and tonight's amazing speeches (excluding Cindy's, of course), I think Obama needs a new slogan: "Guess We Can?"


Anonymous said...

You had me going there. I was ready to really give it to you. It scares me so much thinking people can actually vote for this guy.(Obama)

Matt Celoria said...

Haha. You had me going as well. I have found myself being really interested in politics lately. That's a good thing, since this is such an important election. One thing I'd recommend that I found fascinating is looking at the historical electoral college votes going all the way back to George Washington. Just google it. Very interesting.