Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mark & Tang Plus 2

My wife is a huge John & Kate Plus 8 fan. I think mothers like to watch this poor couple cope with the pressures of having eight kids which somehow gives them perspective on their own little rat race. The show highlights the highs and lows of dealing with such a large family. The most entertaining episodes are when they decide to leave the house and take the kids with them. It makes for some pretty good television. Well, today we should have been the stars of our own reality show. Our day was that entertaining.

We decided to go shop the Labor Day weekend sales for some new furniture, so we packed up the 2 girls and headed out to face the world. We were having a great time when the first incident occurred. It was a small thing, but oh so taxing on one's nerves. We were at Weir's Furniture and had to take the baby stroller inside. It was tight, and I don't mean tight as in cool. It was jam packed with people on the scent of bargain furniture. There simply wasn't room to maneuver a baby stroller properly. I had to pick up the stroller and carry it through some of the tight squeezes in there.

Then, we realize it's time to feed Isabelle, so we went out to the patio furniture area to feed Isabelle carrots while seated in her stroller. Bad idea if you like your stroller to remain stain free. The carrots were everywhere. So I was holding Isabelle while Tangie was vigorously attempting to remove the carrot stains when I happened to take a step back at the wrong time. Abigail was walking right behind me. Poor Abigail when flying. She scrapped up her knee and starts crying. "Why did you push me, Daddy?"

So we regrouped and headed over to La Madeleine for some bistro goodness. I was carrying Isabelle in the car seat with my left hand while pushing my tray along the counter with my right hand as we were ordering. I had just ordered a nice cup of steaming hot tomato basil soup and placed it on my tray when I pushed the tray off the counter and right onto Isabelle. Somehow, steaming hot soup ended up everywhere on her seat except for her. Hey, if you're dead set on staining your stroller, make sure that both stains are the same color, right? I'm so grateful she didn't get hurt.

So now we're at home and have tucked our two precious girls into bed. Tangie is downstairs trying to wash the stains out of the stroller again, and I'm laying in bed blogging about our day. Now, all we need is a camera crew.


Robert White said...

The real tragedy of the day was the Soup !!! That's good stuff.
Just don't turn it over and read the label. ;-)