Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blondes Have More Fun

I had the cool opportunity to hang out with Shane Barnard and Shane Everett of Shane & Shane today. My pastor's son is their manager. I was amazed to hear Shane Barnard's story. He was not raised in church and actually picked up guitar in his late teens. His family was not musical either. God still loves to anoint the Davids of the world. Here I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home surrounded by music and Shane B runs circles around me. Hey, whatever brings God glory!

Tomorrow is a big day for our music ministry. Hunters' Glen Choir kicks off again after a few weeks off. And if we have 100 in attendance, I am going to bleach my hair blonde. Tangie is not at all happy about this. Personally, I'm a little nervous. I'm thinking we just might break the century mark and then some. Again, whatever brings God glory.

I'll be sure to post pictures the second they become available.


The Panni Family said...

I am SO jealous! I love their music!