Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

I can't believe that my daughter is starting first grade tomorrow! It seems like yesterday that I carried her everywhere we went. Life truly is a vapor. I used to laugh at the saps who cried every time "Butterfly Kisses" came on the radio. Right about now, I'd cry with them!

A quick update on this morning - it was amazing! We weren't sure how the attendance would shake down in both services, but it was close to even. We had a ton of people in worship today. I'll be curious to see the numbers tomorrow. 1300? Not sure. I'm bad with numbers.

It was great worshipping in both services. I was proud of my team around me for doing such a great job pulling off two completely different sets. I also felt a freedom in our worship today that was definitely of God. Pastor Kim nailed me with his sermon this morning. I needed to hear what he had to say today. All in all, it was a great day!