Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mark Celoria (a.k.a. Josh Groban Wannabe)

We have such amazing musicians at Hunters' Glen. Not just people with musical talent but also people who love Jesus. Our organist, Donna Lackey, is one such incredible person. If you want the definition for "servant's heart" just watch Donna in action.

I was honored when Donna asked me to lay down a vocal track for an original music project of hers. The majority of the project is of her playing the piano, but two tracks were songs she had written for weddings. She needed a singer. Enter Mark Celoria (a.k.a. Josh Groban Wannabe). It had been a while since I pulled out the old classical pipes. They were a bit rusty but came back after a few attempts. My goal was to sound as much like Josh Groban as possible!

I asked her permission to post one of her songs here on my blog, so feel free to download and listen to the track of "He Gives Us Love." If you want to purchase her CD, just contact me, and I can see you get one.

Click here to listen to my vain attempt to impersonate the man with the velvet voice.


John Hudgins said...

Man, that sounded great. I've never heard you sing that genre, and I'm very impressed. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Also, the Kolb/Cole wedding was sang beautifully, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.. you have a beautiful voice.


Amy Thompson said...

Wow Mark!!!! That ROCKS! :) Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. As a huge Josh Groban fan, I have to say that, while I hear the similarity between you two, PLEASE don't try too hard to sound like Josh, because I actually like your voice BETTER, it's so pure and sincere!! Thank you for sharing it!