Saturday, July 5, 2008

Busy Week

Here I sit on Saturday afternoon recuperating from a busy week. I made my last blog entry on Monday afternoon, so I thought I'd fill everyone in on how the rest of the trip went.

Monday: We spent the whole afternoon and evening putting on a festival at a Middle School. We passed out flyers on Monday afternoon in the neighborhood surrounding the school. Our Student Minister, Nathan Kocurek, made the process fun by splitting up the groups into "Evangeteams" Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Nathan's Evangeteam Delta was like some kind of special ops squadron. He had his boys actually running full speed from house to house! While passing out flyers, I had the opportunity to witness to a young Mormon man who was selling security systems door to door. Please pray for the seed of the Gospel that was planted in our conversation to take root.

The festival was a success. Over 80 people registered their attendance. Our goal was to create in-roads into the surrounding community for the fine folks at Eisenhauer Road Baptist Church. Mission accomplished!

Tuesday: This was the most memorable day of the trip for me. The Middle School Choir had the opportunity to sing in three places: at a youth corrections facility, at the Market Square in downtown San Antonio, and at a State School for severely retarded individuals. Our students were deeply impacted by all three experiences. So was I. When the kids were singing "Knowing You" to a room full of juvenile detainees, I was moved to tears. I figured the crowd wouldn't be receptive to our squeaky clean image, but the kids sang and testified with a passion that just couldn't be ignored. Our students are amazing! God is amazing!

Wednesday: We spent the day at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. I had a blast hanging out with the kids and riding roller coasters. Sitting in the front seat on the Superman Roller Coaster was an unbelievable experience! Felt like I was flying. Sorry, Hudge, but I lost the baseball cap you gave me. Think you can get another for free?

Thursday: We slept in at a nice hotel and spent the day driving home. I'm thankful to God for our safe travel. I was so ready to see my wife and my girls! It's crazy how much little girls can change in one week!

Friday: Abigail and I participated in the Plano Independence Day 2008 Parade. Our church passed out water bottles. I love events that get us out into our community. We ended the day watching the firework show put on near our house in McKinney.

So that brings us up to date. I'm excited about yet another time of corporate worship tomorrow. I'm so blessed to get paid to hang out with students and lead worship!